What's Next: Here's to '23

Even though I am a Thelemite, I have always celebrated a traditional Christmas and New Year along with most of my family. The winter solstice has always been a time for me reflect and plan for the upcoming calendar year. With so much progress over the last few months on The Scholomance Project I find that I have nothing I really want to change, other than I want a lot more of the same. I HAVE spent a lot of time thinking about what that might look like going forward and I want to share that with you.

I have a competitive, almost combative personality. I enjoy a spirited discussion on many topics and I certainly have opinions that would be considered controversial. Mostly, though, I am curious. I am insatiably curious about so many different areas of study. The more I explore the more I realize that it is feeding this curiosity that drives me. Inserting myself into conversations often gets in the way of my learning. The last few years of change in my life has taught me that I learn so much more by asking questions than by answering them.

The Scholomance Project is the most rewarding method of asking questions. Not only do I get to create a permanent record of my curiosity, I get to share that with anybody else who finds my guests areas of interest fascinating. I will continue to uncover those other seekers who wish to share a tiny bit of their own search and continue to do so in a way that promotes a civil dialogue. If you find my approach of interest to you and your own search please help by spreading the word to your friends and suggest an interview subject or topic. I love hearing from our listeners. Also, please consider supporting our Patreon, and if there is something you want to see offered that isn’t there please let us know.

I am not at all interested in setting up a formal classroom where specific techniques can be taught. There are no end of venues for that. What I am interested in is an open dialogue that opens “occulture” to everyone regardless of their interest. Happy New Year to those who celebrate! Here is to a great 2022 from myself and the rest of the team at The Scholomance Project.


Troy the Devil-Man