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Explore the esoteric! Join Troy the Devil-Man as he interviews fascinating guests for thought-provoking discussions on topics from all corners of esotericism and the occult.

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The Great Work

What is Scholomance?

Scholomance is a centralized hub created for students of the occult arts to aid in their exploration of esotericism. Experience and learn from some of the great minds in esotericism -  regardless of where you are on The Path of your own Great Work.

As a multiplatform endeavor Scholomance seeks to provide resources for aspirants at all levels of attainment, whether newly curious or a dedicated practitioner. At the same time Scholomance encourages participants to think for themselves and promotes more efficient ways to think about thinking.

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We are gearing up!

We are gearing up for some more frequent episodes in the next while.

Woefully Underprepared

I would say I have more than just a passing interest in the academic study of Western Esotericism.