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Explore the esoteric! Join Troy the Devil-Man as he interviews fascinating guests for thought-provoking discussions on topics from all corners of esotericism and the occult.

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The Great Work

What is Scholomance?

Scholomance is a centralized hub created for students of the occult arts to aid in their exploration of esotericism. Experience and learn from some of the great minds in esotericism -  regardless of where you are on The Path of your own Great Work.

As a multiplatform endeavor Scholomance seeks to provide resources for aspirants at all levels of attainment, whether newly curious or a dedicated practitioner. At the same time Scholomance encourages participants to think for themselves and promotes more efficient ways to think about thinking.

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What's Next: Here's to '22

Even though I am a Thelemite, I have always celebrated a traditional Christmas and New Year along with most of my family. The winter solstice has always been a time for me reflect and plan for the upcoming calendar year.

Mind your own business

As a general piece of advice to any Thelemite it serves as a very important reminder. We all have SO MUCH to do, not just to maintain our chosen professions and relationships, but to discover and then advance our True Will. In an effort to TAKE this advice to heart, I am going to give several instances from my own life.