We are gearing up!

We are gearing up for some more frequent episodes in the next while. If you have been enjoying what I have been making please consider joining our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/scholomance or support the show by picking up some of the great items we are now offering in our online store here: https://www.scholomance.ca/emporium

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In the next while I will be again hosting Wes Regan to talk about Grand Masonic Day 2023. This annual event will be happening at the recently opened Vancouver Masonic Centre on April 29th and will feature both Scott Kenney and Andrew Hammer. Many of the presentations will be open to seakers and the public. Check out the Eventbrite page for tickets over here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/grand-masonic-day-2023-featuring-andrew-hammer-and-professor-scott-kenney-tickets-491359307917

Wes has proven to be a popular guest so we have been talking about hosting a series focussed on some of the issues facing Freemasonry. In the meantime, watch for the release of Episode 22 which will include Wes’ presentation at EFC2022 entitled “The Disenchantment (and Re-enchantment) of Freemasonry”, including some of the Q&A. EFC2023 is being planned and a call for papers is currently posted. Stay tuned to this website www.estoericmasonry.com for updates.

A listener event is being planned for this spring in the area near Vancouver, BC. Invites to our supporters will be sent first, with invites to the general email list going out if space allows.

If you have a subject you would like me to tackle, or know of a guest we should interview for the podcast, please email me directly at founder@scholomance.ca