Scholomance Blog: One Year On

Sometime around the end of August 2021 the first episode of The Scholomance Project was posted on Buzzsprout. This was the culmination of years of planning and effort. It felt so amazing to have finally put forth something I had wanted to do for so long. Over the past twelve months I have spent many hours interviewing guests and editing zoom recordings to present a further 17 episodes.

The outpouring of positive feedback, support, and ideas for more content has been truly overwhelming. Though much of this effort is conducted on my own, or with a few select contributors, I am always mindful of you, my listener and fellow aspirant. It is all of you who continue to listen and support that makes this effort worthwhile.

If you have found any of our podcasts or other content valuable please consider joining our Patreon or attending one of our events. I look forward to meeting every single one of my listeners in the future.

Always in Pursuit of the Great Work

Troy the Devin-Man