A Personal Message

Its been crazy around here with the launch of the podcast and working through the over 400 minutes of recordings from Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference 2021. Episode 4 is available right now. It is the full audio from RWBro. Wes Regan’s “Freemasonry in the Age of Conspiracism''. Wes worked hard on this and it shows. This subject is so important and there are so few good resources out there for dealing with the proliferation of conspiracism. In case you missed it, scroll back a little and listen to Episode 3 where I interview Wes about his early interest in conspiracy theories.

Episode 5 and 6 are edited and ready to go with Episode 7 in process. Stay tuned for more great presentations recorded at EFC2021.

Are you sad that you missed this year’s conference?  Don’t worry!  We are ramping up to do a much bigger event next year. Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference 2022 is going to take place in Seattle over a full weekend next October. Tentative dates are Oct 1&2 and we are currently in negotiations for an appropriate venue. We are expecting at least 10 presentations including a published proceedings, a meditation session, a local pub takeover with live entertainment, the exemplification of a degree ceremony (for members only). Our keynote? None other than Brother Lon Milo DuQuette! Save the date and watch www.esotericmasonry.com for further updates and announcements.

In the meantime, Grand Masonic Day 2022 is being planned for Saturday March 26th. This year’s IN PERSON event will be held at the Agnes Street Temple in New Westminster. Come out to see this great new meeting space and enjoy fellowship with our local brothers. We will even be serving a light lunch of burgers and hotdogs on the awesome new deck! In-person tickets will be limited to 100 so make sure you get your tickets immediately! There will be seeker-friendly events throughout the day so feel free to bring along your candidates or friends who are interested in The Craft. Check out Eventbrite for tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grand-masonic-day-2022-tickets-201419189217

Questions? Feedback?  We are always keen to hear from you. Write the team directly at founder@scholomance.ca