Conference, Tria Prima
July 22, 2023
Episode 29

EFC2023 w/Jake, Pat and Jaime of Tria Prima

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Last July, Jake and Pat of Tria Prima Podcast interviewed me about Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference For this episode, the third regular host of Tria Prima Podcast, Jaime Paul Lamb, joins us to discuss his experience attending and speaking at the conference last October. We then get to have a lengthy and indulgent conversation about the next EFC as well as what is next for Tria Prima.

Not only is Tria Prima the publisher of our upcoming EFC2023 Keynote Speaker P.D. Newman’s “Angels In Vermilion” and Jaime Paul Lamb’s “The Archetypal Temple”, they are expanding their catalog in the coming months. Check out their catalogue, podcast and blog over at

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