Freemasonry, Wes Regan
February 13, 2023
Episode 23

Part 2 EFC2022 - Wes Regan's "The Disenchantment (and Re-enchantment) of Freemasonry"

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This is the second release in our series of discussions delivered at Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference 2022. In his talk “The Disenchantment (and Re-enchantment) of Freemasonry” Wes Regan presents his thoughts on the tension between different types and traditions of Freemasonry, both in the Craft as it is today and as it was practiced in the past.. This was recorded live and was accompanied by slides. Further resources related to this talk are posted in the show notes for Episode 023 on

Wes Regan is the presiding master of the Vancouver Lodge of Education & Research and the Chairman of the Grand Masonic Day 2023 organizing committee. He is a passionate Freemason with an interest in academic research. Wes works in public health and is working on his PhD in  Planning at University of British Columbia.

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