Meditation, psychology, Freemasonry
September 27, 2022
Episode 20

Freemasonry in Academic Studies of Western Esotericism with Douglas Russell

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Doug Russell is Former Master of Southern California Research Lodge, where he served for seven years as Editor in Chief of the monthly Masonic magazine, Fraternal Review. He is a retired psychotherapist and educator who has studied Ageless Wisdom teachings and practiced meditation for over 50 years. He is a certified meditation instructor and officer in the Academy of Reflection—a chartered body within the Scottish Rite for brothers wanting to integrate contemplative practice with their Masonic experience. His articles have been published in The Journal of the Masonic Society, The Short Talk Bulletin, and in Philalethes, The Journal of Masonic Research & Letters. He is currently doing research and writing on the Esoteric Art of Memory.

Brother Russell is presenting “Freemasonry in Academic Studies of Western Esotericism” at EFC2022. We talk a little about his paper and much more about his history and background with meditation and psychology.

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