Masonic Day, Freemasonry, EFC2022
September 5, 2022
Episode 17

Grand Masonic Day 2023 with Wes Regan

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Grand Masonic Day is an annual educational event organized by the Vancouver Lodge of Education & Research and features various speakers and topics of general interest to Freemasons. Wes Regan is the chair of the Grand Masonic Day 2023 organizing committee and the presiding master of the Vancouver Lodge of Education and Research. GMD2023 will be on April 29th 2023 and speakers are still being selected.

This episode is the second half of a longer conversation I had with Wes Regan and Ken Lane. In this part of the conversation we talk more about EFC2022, Masonic Education and the forces and tensions at work in The Craft today. We join the conversation in progress.

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