with Wes Regan and Ken Lane from EFC2022

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Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference was first held in Seattle in 2017. We have held this event three times in person and twice virtually over the past five years. EFC is a place where practitioners and academics can come together to discuss topics of mutual interest in an open and receptive forum. We accept presentations from both members of The Craft and non-members. The call for papers for our 2022 event has just closed, but we encourage interested parties to submit an outline for consideration for future events.

Brother Wes Regan was already featured in Episode 4. He will be presenting his paper “The Disenchantment (And Re-Enchantment) of North American Freemasonry” at EFC2022. Brother Ken Lane is the Co-Founder of EFC and a Founding Member of Esoterika Lodge #316 in Seattle Washington. The first part of our discussion covers why we feel events like EFC are crucial to Freemasonry.

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