Moka Only, masonic, hip hop
December 21, 2021
Episode 07

'Into the Centre' with Moka Only

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Moka Only is a hip-hop legend with over 110 album projects released, countless music production and performance collaborations, and a dedicated global fanbase. He is known for his surrealist lyrics and unique musical compositions. What is not as well known is his interest in Freemasonry and esotericism.

This episode was recorded late in 2018. Moka’s album Patina was just coming out, and his recordings as “Tank Gawd” have since been released. Check the show notes for links to these recordings. My interview style was still in its early stages and a little rough in some spots, but I think the value of this recording outweighs any embarrassment I might have about it. I hope you enjoy discovering the unique intersection between art and magick that is my friend Moka Only.

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