Approaching the middle chamber

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I recently had the joy and pleasure of having a wide-ranging conversation with Brother Jaime Paul Lamb. He has published two significant works on Freemasonry in only three short years, and he is on the cusp of publishing a third. His writing is accessible and popular amongst those members of The Craft whose interests lean towards Western Esotericism. Our conversation covers a little of his original interest in esotericism, some of his experiences in Freemasonry, and more than a few interesting ideas he originally put forth in Approaching The Middle Chamber. This book is excellent reading for those looking for a broad overview of the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences from the perspective of an experienced practitioner and student of The Great Work.

This talk is just the first of many we hope to host with Jaimie. Please make sure to support his publishing efforts at  Questions for him for future installments can be directed to the show email at

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