sanskrit, history, king solomon
December 12, 2021
Episode 06

Part 3 from EFC2021 “Billy Hepper's Guardians of the Holy Land”

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This is the third episode that was recorded at Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference 2021. Billy Hepper presents “Guardians of the Holy Land: Freemasonry and the Quest for Authentic Tradition”. Brother Hepper begins by examining what the ancient Sanskrit Vedic scriptures foretell about the cycles of human history and what it means for our modern age.  He then explores the universal concept of the Holy Land found throughout many cultures around the world and looks at Freemasonry’s own construct of this idea as represented by the Temple of King Solomon.  

Billy Hepper is a popular speaker in Freemasonic Lodges in the Vancouver area. Brother Hepper is a member of Mount Herman Lodge # 7, Past District 13 Education Officer, a member of the Vancouver Lodge of Education and Research, and a 32* Scottish Rite Freemason.

A special congratulations to Billy Hepper on his being named as co-host of Occult of Personality podcast since this was recorded. We here at The Scholomance Project are super excited to hear more from him!

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