What Is Scholomance?

Scholomance is a centralized hub created for students of the occult arts to aid in their exploration of esotericism. Experience and learn from some of the great minds in esotericism -  regardless of where you are on The Path of your own Great Work.

As a multiplatform endeavor Scholomance seeks to provide resources for aspirants at all levels of attainment, whether newly curious or a dedicated practitioner. At the same time Scholomance encourages participants to think for themselves and promotes more efficient ways to think about thinking.

Ask The Occultist

Join us for entertaining and enlightening interviews where experts answer your questions live.

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Exclusive Documentaries:

Watch thought-provoking  exclusive documentaries about some of the most fascinating and impactful esoteric personalities.

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Esoteric Resources:

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Ask The Occultist Series

Ask The Occultist is a series of online interviews where experts of the esoteric answer your questions live! Designed to be engaging and entertaining, these live meetings encourage viewers of all levels to participate directly. Submit your questions ahead of time using the convenient question submission form.

Interested in previous Ask The Occultist sessions? Watch them at your own pace directly on the Scholomance website. 

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